About Us

About Us

BinaryStar Systems provides a full range of IT consulting, application design and implementation. We are experts in the integration of web components and data.
We offer industry-leading software and consulting expertise to plan and implement a wide range of business process improvement, system design, and risk management initiatives.
Our talents range from large scale data management to the design, development and integration of the exceptional user interface.

Our expertise include

Architecture and development of on-line high availability systems with 99%+ uptime. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications

  • Integration of software assets
  • Large scale unix/AIX operations including network management, security solutions and hardware design
  • Data transport between systems, in-house / partner, in-house / cloud
  • Compliance, Risk mitigation and Regulatory compliance
  • Security, change and access controls
  • Software library and life-cycle controls
  • Audit trails and automated reporting, facilitating regulatory compliance.
  • Application modernization and enhancement
Our technology stack includes

Who are we


People behind our expertise

Our staff ranges from seasoned IT professionals to innovative User Interface designers and engineers with the most current skills. Staff includes PhD level engineers and data architects at the “Guru” level.


Our passion for data

We know data. We map it, we move it, we transform, deliver and support it - following recognized standards, rules and protocols. Aggregation, Analysis, Automation, Consolidation, Extraction, Filtration, Integration, Migration and Transmission.

Industry involvement

Our Industry involvement includes

Auto Rental, Inventory management including third party logistics, Courier operations, CRM – Customer Resource Management, HR – Human Resources applications, Membership management, Wholesale sales, Wholesale Travel and booking


We bring you solutions

Our solutions integrate enterprise architecture, business process analysis, governance, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. We are known for innovative software solutions and consultancy services to a diverse group of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, professional and governmental organizations, throughout the world.

Our Solutions

Are you ready to take your business to next level? Tell us what you need.

Proprietary tools and Applications


Inventory management, sales and purchasing

BOSS – the Business Office Support System by BinaryStar provides essential systems infrastructure for managing sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory and accounting. It is for those who need more than can be found in "off-the-shelf" systems. Fully customizable. BOSS will support a goods catalog of a million or more items, hundreds of warehouses and thousands of vendors.


Survey and Analytics

SurveyBetter is a Do-It-Yourself, web based, survey application for the gathering and analysis of information. An intuitive environment enables even a neophyte designer to quickly create, brand and manage high-performing, professional surveys that deliver actionable results.

Customer satisfaction survey concept, Businessman using computer laptop select smiley face icon with yellow five stars to evaluate product and service.
Rules management

Business Rules management

Nucleus 4GL managing business rules and data Starsite / Stargate web application management